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UWC Quick Card

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UWC Quick Card

The UWC Quick Cardis a MasterCard®that offers a simplified method of personal financing and instant withdrawals. This payment method was developed by our partner and direct subsidiary MAYZUS Financial Services Limited.

MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd. is an FSA-registered company based in London, UK. MAYZUS Financial Services strictly complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), ensuring that the funds transmitted through its system are of lawful and of verifiable origin.

MasterCard and the MasterCard brand mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Inc. Having this trademark, enables UWC Quick Cardholders to use it in over 100 hundred countries around the world wherever they see the MasterCard® sign.

The UWC Quick Card presents no risks of overdraft or expensive fees as card holders can only spend the money they deposited on it.

UWC Quick Cardis not linked to a bank account, therefore, it can be granted without any credit checks. There is a weekly purchase limit of $12,000, and if you want to share money with family and friends, this card is certainly a good option to consider.

For having your UWC Quick Carddelivered we only charge the following fees:

  • $20 delivery fee for receiving UWC Quick Cardby regular mail to your physical address, which will take up to fourteen (14) business days
  • $75 delivery fee for receiving UWC Quick Cardwithin five (5) business days

Required documents for UWC Quick Card issue:

  • A proof of identity (passport; driving license; national ID; Social Security number - for the countries where it is a plastic card with photo), which is valid for another 6 months, written with Latin letters.
  • A proof of residence – any utility bill (except mobile phone operators) or bank statement, should strictly be at the applicant's name, not older than 90 days, should be complete and contain a postal code.

Please provide a certified translation of the documents if originally they are written in languages other than Russian, English, French, or Czech. Document's scans should be uploaded through MoneyPolo Account. You will receive an email confirmation from MAYZUS Financial Services within 24 hours of submitting your documents.


For more information in regards to trading conditions, please see our General Business terms and Conditions.


Please read an overview of the Terms and Conditions regulating UWC Quick Carduse. To see the entire document, please click here.

The UWC Quick Cardis issued by CSC24Seven.com Limited (CSC), which is licensed as a financial institution to issue cards and its use shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Operation of the Card

1.1. CSC will debit the Card Account with the amounts of all Card Transactions affected. 1.2. The Cardholder shall remain liable for the payment of all amounts debited to the Card Account, irrespective of whether a sale voucher has been signed or not or whether cash has been withdrawn. 1.3. The Cardholder cannot use the Card in excess of the available balance. 1.4. A payment made by the Card is irreversible. 1.5. MAYZUS Financial Services takes no responsibility if the Card is not accepted by a merchant.

2. Card Balance Statement

2.1. A statement of the Card Balance will be made available to the Cardholder’s email upon request through your Trading Account or Account Management System with MAYZUS Financial Services (www.mayzusfs.com). 2.2. If the Cardholder does not agree with any Card Transactions, MAYZUS Financial Services must be informed within one month from the date on which the transaction was made.

3. Fees, Expenses and Charges

3.1. The Card Issuer has the right to debit the Card with charges, commissions and fees such as the amount of any initial and annual subscription fees, etc. Check the current fees here.

4. Cardholder's Obligations

5. Refunds

5.1. The Cardholder will get a refund if the authorization did not specify the exact amount of the Card Transaction when the authorization was made.


The initial cost of the card, including delivery within 14 days, is $20. For a fee of $75, the card is delivered by a courier within five business days. The card expires 24 months from the date of issue.

Overview of a transaction fees:
Card loading $3.00 standard / $5.00 express (24\7)
ATM withdrawal 2% (min. $3, max. $15)
POS transaction FREE
Non-financial transaction/decline $0.40
Exchange rate for transactions in other currencies daily exchange rate + 3% mark-up

If the card remains inactive for 180 days until the balance equals zero, there is a monthly dormant card fee:

during the 1st year $10.00
during the 2nd year $17.00
during the 3rd year $25.00

If you happen to forget your PIN, or would like to change it, there is a $15.00 PIN replacement fee. Should you wish to close your account, there is a $15.00 closing account fee.

Here you have an overview of limits:
Minimum balance $10.00
Maximum balance $5,000.00
Daily ATM transaction $2,000.00 (3 withdrawals/day)
Weekly ATM transaction $5,000.00 (11 withdrawals/week)
Daily POS transaction $3,000.00 (8 purchases/day)
Weekly POS transaction $12,000.00 (40 purchases/week)

The UWC Quick Card has no monthly or annual maintenance fees.

For further details, please go to MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd at www.mayzusfs.com.

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